What Does This Person Think About Being On The Cover?

MLB The Show 23 is the next installment in the MLB The Show series, developed by Sony San Diego. This game is an official Major League Baseball video game and features a variety of modes, including Road to the Show, Franchise mode, and Diamond Dynasty. With updated graphics, new gameplay mechanics, and improved artificial intelligence, MLB The Show 23 promises to be an exciting addition to the series.

The cover of the game features one of baseball’s biggest stars, although it is currently unknown which player will be chosen for this honor. Whoever it may be, it is sure to generate excitement among fans of the sport and gamers alike. Their thoughts on being selected for the cover have not yet been revealed.

One interesting aspect of MLB The Show 23 is its compatibility with both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles. This allows players to experience the game on whichever console they own or prefer. Additionally, the game will likely feature cross-play multiplayer capabilities.

In previous editions of MLB The Show, popular players such as Bryce Harper, Aaron Judge and Javier Baez have graced the cover. Each selection carries significant weight amongst fans. Interestingly enough, though, it doesn’t always lead to good things on-field play following their cover debut(s).

The cover athlete of MLB The Show 23 looks about as excited as a pitcher giving up a home run on opening day.

Who is the Cover of MLB the Show 23

To identify the cover athlete for MLB The Show 23, you need to know who the person is. Learn about the brief background of the cover athlete to understand the significance of their selection.

Identification of the Cover Athlete

The player adorned on MLB The Show 23’s cover has been revealed. Find the details below.

Identification of the Cover Athlete:

Fernando Tatis Jr.2022San Diego Padres

Unique to this edition, Fernando Tatis Jr. is the youngest athlete to be featured on a cover of the game, at just 22 years old.

Don’t miss out on the excitement of playing as one of baseball’s rising stars in MLB The Show 23 with Fernando Tatis Jr. as the cover athlete. Pre-order now and get exclusive content.

He’s not just a cover athlete, he’s a home run-hitting machine – introducing the face of MLB The Show 23, ready to knock it out of the park.

Brief Background about the Cover Athlete

The featured player on the cover of MLB The Show 23 is a well-known athlete with a history in baseball. As an accomplished sportsman, he has demonstrated his skills on the field through numerous victories and notable accomplishments. He is revered by fans all over the world and continues to play at a high level.

The Cover Athlete’s contributions to the game extend beyond his athletic ability; he has also served as a role model for aspiring players. His dedication to improving his skills and leading his team have earned him respect from both peers and opponents alike. His success both on and off the field make him a worthy representation for MLB The Show 23.

Fun fact: This edition of MLB The Show offers new features that enhance gameplay and deliver an immersive experience for players.

Pro Tip: Keep up-to-date with the latest releases of sports games by checking online forums or gaming news websites.

Looks like the cover curse has a new victim to add to its long list of casualties.

The Opinion of the Cover Athlete about Being on the Cover of MLB The Show 23

To understand the opinion of the cover athlete about being on the cover of MLB The Show 23, let’s explore their initial reaction, thoughts on significance, perspective on representation, and expectations on the impact of being on the cover. These sub-sections will provide valuable insight into the cover athlete’s mindset and how they feel about being featured on the cover of such a prestigious game.

Cover Athlete’s Initial Reaction About Being on the Cover

The athlete on the cover of MLB The Show 23 expressed elation about the opportunity to represent baseball on a global platform. With this privilege, the athlete hoped to inspire young fans and elevate their love for the sport. Such a potent symbol of recognition was not taken for granted, and it motivated the athlete to pursue greatness.

Furthermore, being on such an esteemed pedestal came with added pressure to perform at an elite level, and in that regard, the athlete welcomes it as a challenge – not a burden.

Fans can expect top-notch gameplay coupled with impactful representation from one of baseball’s best players.

Pro Tip: Learn from this athlete’s humility and use your accomplishments to positively influence those around you.

He may be on the cover, but let’s be real, it’s the game that’s the real MVP here.

Cover Athlete’s Thoughts on the Significance of Being on the Cover

The athlete who graces the cover of MLB The Show 23 has spoken about the honor of being chosen. The Cover Athlete shares their appreciation and excitement for the opportunity to represent the game on the cover. They understand that being chosen as the Face of the Franchise is a significant moment in their career.

As a visible representation of the game, being on the cover means showcasing their abilities and skills to a wider audience. Their image will be seen by many, making it an achievement worth recognition. As an intangible asset of sorts, it can also lead to more endorsement deals and higher earnings for them.

In addition to being a personal accomplishment, it’s also important because it highlights how much they have contributed to baseball over time. It signifies that they are among some of baseball’s most elite players and that their impact on the sport is worthy of recognition.

Interestingly, not all athletes who have been featured on game covers have enjoyed success following or during their tenure as cover athletes. For example, some would argue that sportsmen such as Drake who had graced FIFA 14’s cover didn’t necessarily live up to expectations following its release.

“They say never judge a book by its cover, but judging by the way I’m staring at myself on the front of MLB The Show 23, I guess I’m a cover athlete and a book.”

Cover Athlete’s Perspective on Representing the Game on the Cover

The featured star on the MLB The Show 23 cover shared their thoughts on representing the game. They acknowledged the honor and responsibility of showcasing the game to millions of fans. The athlete felt proud to be associated with such a prestigious game and hoped to live up to fans’ expectations.

Being chosen as a cover athlete reflects tremendous achievement, but it also comes with high expectations from fans and critics alike. The players need to step up, prepare well, and perform at their best in each match. Carrying the responsibility on their shoulders, they represent not only themselves but also the game they love.

Moreover, as a role model for future generations of gamers, Cover Athletes aspire to inspire and motivate others by displaying sportsmanship skills on the field. Being selected as a Cover Athlete is more significant than merely having your picture in video games; it distinguishes you as an ambassador for the sport you have dedicated your life to playing.

Pro Tip: Becoming a cover athlete is not just about being good at your craft; it’s also about being professional, humble, and approachable off the court/field. Remember that hundreds of children look up to you – be an inspiration!

Looks like being on the cover of MLB The Show 23 is a home run for the Cover Athlete’s ego, but their expectations for changing the game? Let’s just say it’s a swing and a miss.

Cover Athlete’s Expectations on the Impact of Being on the Cover

The cover athlete of MLB The Show 23 shares their thoughts on the impact of gracing the cover. The athlete expects to gain recognition from fans and non-fans alike, which could open new doors. Being on the cover would increase exposure, leading to more endorsement opportunities and speaking engagements.

In addition, being on the cover can boost sales for both the game and merchandise bearing their face. Fans often associate the game with its cover athlete, making it an essential marketing tool.

Since 2005, players who appeared on the games’ covers have gone onto to have outstanding seasons like David Ortiz in 2014 and Bryce Harper in 2017. This game allows athletes to showcase their skills in realistic digital gameplay rendering them as gods to fans across the globe.

Pro Tip: Being a video game cover athlete means more than merely having one’s face on a product; it is a genuine boost to an athlete’s notoriety and is something that should not be taken lightly.

I can’t wait for the next MLB The Show game to come out, so I can see which unsuspecting athlete will be subject to the cover curse next.


The featured cover star of MLB The Show 23 has expressed excitement and gratitude for being chosen. He admires the video game’s realistic graphics and physics that make it an entertaining simulation. The player also believes that being on the cover brings recognition and potential growth to his brand.

In addition, the athlete is pleased with how he was depicted on the cover, as it accurately represents his style and persona both on and off the field. Fans have also shown immense support and appreciation for his appearance on the cover, which further motivates him to continue performing at a high level.

It is worth noting that being on the cover of a video game can increase an athlete’s popularity among fans who may not necessarily follow baseball closely. This could potentially lead to more endorsement opportunities and brand deals outside of baseball.

To maximize this opportunity further, athletes could consider collaborating with gaming influencers or creating live streams of themselves playing MLB The Show 23 to connect with their audience. Additionally, they could leverage social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok to engage with younger demographics who are active in these channels.

Overall, appearing on the cover of MLB The Show 23 provides an excellent platform for athletes to grow their personal brand while also providing entertainment value for gaming enthusiasts.